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December 2012

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Ooga Wooga

Anyone feel free to help me make this sad excuse of a profile into awesome sauce.
I will wait for your responses
I'm serious I'm lost.


Well, for starters, you can write a little about your self in your profile. You know like your preferred name, your age, your favorite color, things like that. Now, if you're talking about posting journal entries, that's different. You can post whatever you want. Take what most of us do: we use our entry space to post our stories. We just use an Lj-cut to hide the entry if its longer than 200 words. Also, you can post random things. This place is like an online journal/diary you can use to type your thoughts in. :)


You got yourself a profile that makes mine look like it belongs in the basura
any pointers on making it better

Re: hehe

Your profile doesn't belong in the basura! It just needs a little touch-up! And thank you for the compliment? ^-^

Well, I didn't really know how to do my profile when I started, so I just wrote a little about myself. But then, I began to discover stuff, like the ability to place a picture in your profile (which you do through photobucket) and make it look cool and stuff. XD
You can add your fandoms, your favorite characters, your favorite color, your pet peeves, your likes, your dislikes....Anything you want to let people know about.

I try keeping it short and linked my fanfiction.net bio to my profile so that I don't have a long profile here, and that's if people want to know more about me. I just keep it general.

About adding your location, I'm not sure if you're comfortable let people know where you are from. Or your full birthday. Just saying. :)
I don't know. I'm just really worried about security and stuff, so I'm a little paranoid, but that's all up to you.

What would you like your profile to look like?